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Motor Legal Expenses

Motor Legal Expenses Cover

If you were involved in a motorbike accident your insurance will not provide any compensation for: 

  • Any injuries you suffer
  • Any loss of earnings you suffer as a result of the accident (e.g. if you have to have days off work)
  • Other out of pocket expenses such as:
  • Items that may have been damaged in the accident (e.g. mobile phones, tablets etc.)
  • Transport costs
  • Telephone calls

The Motor Legal Expenses policy which is included covers £100,000 of legal costs incurred by an appointed solicitor or their agent to pursue any damages for personal injury, loss of earnings, or other out of pocket expenses, should you be involved in a non-fault accident where there are reasonable prospects of success. All you need to do is make one phone call and we do the rest: 

  • Doctor, physio and specialist injury appointments are all arranged for you
  • The solicitor will handle all calls, letters and emails relating to your claim for personal injuries so you don't have to
  • The solicitor will chase the other insurer for your claim for personal injuries, loss of earnings from days off work and for damaged personal items
For a claim to be covered there must be reasonable prospects of a successful outcome. For full terms and conditions, please see the policy booklet here.


Breakdown Cover

Breakdown Cover

With this breakdown cover you will be covered should your vehicle breakdown anywhere in the UK, including your home and Europe 24/7, 365 days a year.

Under the policy terms your vehicle must be regularly serviced and maintained. You will be covered for a maximum of 6 call outs per year however call-outs for the same fault will not be covered unless the vehicle has been fully repaired or declared fit by a breakdown agent. This policy covers any breakdown in this vehicle regardless of who is driving.

In the UK

  • Up to 1 hour of free labour at the roadside
  • UK cover should your vehicle breakdown as a result of misfuelling

If your vehicle is to breakdown at your home AXA Assistance will attempt to repair your vehicle for up to 1 hour. If within the hour the vehicle cannot be fixed, your vehicle will be towed to the nearest garage within a 20 mile radius. If the breakdown occurs more than 1/4 mile from your home and cannot be fixed the same day by a local repairer they will either arrange;

For the vehicle, the driver and up to 7 passengers to be taken to the address you were travelling to or your home Or if more practical provide you with overnight accommodation for one night or a 24-hour hire vehicle if repairs can be completed the following day.

In Europe

If your vehicle was to breakdown whilst in Europe providing your trip does not exceed 90 days they will attempt to fix your vehicle at the road side, if this is not possible they will tow your vehicle to the nearest garage. If the vehicle repairs are going to take longer than 8 hours AXA Assistance will arrange and pay for the most appropriate solution from one of the following options:

  • To move you, your passengers and luggage to where you were originally travelling to, and then, once your vehicle has been repaired, take you back to your vehicle or bring your vehicle to you: or
  • Pay for the cost of hiring another car while your vehicle is being repaired. AXA Assistance will pay up to £750, as long as you are able to meet the conditions of the hire-car company: or
  • Pay for bed and breakfast costs of up to £125 per person each day (£750 in total for everyone in your group) while your vehicle is being repaired, as long as you have already paid for your original accommodation and you can't get your money back.

If after a breakdown your vehicle is still not repaired or safe to drive when it is time for you to go home, AXA Assistance will pay for suitable transport to get you, your passengers and your luggage to your home, and up to £150 towards other travel costs in the UK while you wait for your own vehicle.

AXA Assistance will then choose the most appropriate solution from the following options:

  • Take your vehicle to your home or your chosen repairer in the UK or;
  • Pay the cost of one rail or sea ticket (or an air ticket if the rail or sea trip would take more than 12 hours) for you to go to get your vehicle once it has been repaired

Subject to terms and conditions. For further information please click on the policy wording.

Replacement Bike

Replacement Bike

If you have had an accident that was your fault, or your motorcycle has been damaged by fire, vandalism or attempted theft you may not be supplied with a replacement motorcycle which could severely impact your daily life. This is why we offer Replacement Bike Insurance which will help keep you mobile whilst your motorcycle is off the road following a claim.

If you use this product you will get:

  • Replacement motorcycle with the equivalent engine capacity to the insured motorcycle*
  • You will have the replacement motorcycle for up to 14 or 28 days depending on the level of cover you select*
  • You may ask for the replacement motorcycle to be delivered to you at any convenient place within the boundaries of the United Kingdom
  • If you or any person does not meet the hire firms terms and conditions or for any other reason a replacement bike can’t be supplied this policy will provide you with £10 per day to cover alternative transport costs, subject to a maximum of £280

The policy will not reimburse you for the cost of fuel, fares, fine or fees relating to the replacement bike whilst in your possession.

You can make up to two claims per year provided that the overall number of days has not been exceeded. For claims following a theft or attempted theft of your bike, you must obtain a crime reference number from the Police. If the insured motorcycle is used for racing, rallies or competitions you are not eligible for this product.

We cannot provide cover, if your occupation is taxi driver, private hire driver, self-drive hire operator or motor trade and you use your motorcycle for anything other than Social, Domestic & Pleasure use.

*Subject to terms and conditions. For further information please click on either 14 day policy wording or 28 day policy wording.

Helmet and Leathers Cover

Motorcycle Helmet & Leathers Insurance

Getting the right gear when riding your motorcycle is crucial and it isn’t cheap. If you get helmet and leathers insurance it can provide peace of mind, that in the event of an accident your motorcycle clothing is protected. This insurance will cover the repair or replacement of the policyholders helmets, leathers, boots and gloves following an accident in the UK up to a maximum of £1500 or £2500 per year depending on the level of cover you select. If your motorcycle clothing is damaged beyond repair, the policy will cover new replacements in the same style and form, however it won’t cover loss to undamaged items forming part of a set. In the event of a claim you will need to provide proof of purchase.

Please note that this will not cover:

  • Pre-existing damage to the motorcycle clothing or theft
  • Accidental damage to motorcycle clothing not caused as a result of a Road Traffic Accident
  • The first £50 excess of every claim
  • Claims if the motorcycle is being used off road, or for race or track riding

We cannot provide cover, if your occupation is motor trade, courier or messaging service.

*Subject to terms and conditions. For further information please click on the policy wording.

Excess Protection

Excess Protection

Get reimbursed for the excesses you have paid on your motorbike insurance policy. This excess protection insurance policy will cover the reimbursement of the excess you have paid following a successful claim on your core motorbike insurance policy. With this policy the maximum amount payable per year is £600, £1200 or £1500, subject to maximum of £300, £600 or £750 in respect of any one claim depending on your level of cover you select.

  • Claim multiple times up to your annual limit*
  • Allows you to claim back your full policy excess (voluntary and compulsory combined)*

(This policy does not cover any excess paid in respect of glass, personal effects or vehicle breakdown and you must notify us within 31 days of the settlement of your claim for your motorbike. In order for a claim under this policy to be valid, a claim must occur in the UK under your core motorcycle insurance to which this policy is attached and the value of this claim must exceed the excess amount.)

*Subject to terms and conditions. For further information please click on the policy wording.

Personal Accident

Personal Accident

Although it is not nice to think about, having an accident on a motorcycle should be a concern for all riders. Having personal accident insurance can help to ease the worries and provide cover in the event of a serious injury or accidental death, in the following situations*:

  • The policyholder and any passengers riding on the insured motorcycle in the event of an accident whilst riding in the uk
  • The policyholder and any passengers riding on the insured motorcycle in the event of a malicious and unprovoked assault by the occupant or rider of another motor vehicle or pedal cycle in the vicinity of the insured motorcycle
  • The policyholder in the event of an accident whilst a passenger on any other motorcycle

In the event of one of the above happening which results in any of the following, you would be covered for a maximum of £20,000*

  • Accidental death £20,000*
  • Loss of sight, 1 eye £10,000*
  • Loss of sight, 2 eyes £20,000*
  • Loss of speech £20,000*
  • Loss of hearing, 1 ear £10,000*
  • Loss of hearing, 2 ears £20,000*
  • Loss of limbs £20,000*
  • Permanent total disablement £20,000*

No cover is provided for any pre-existing medical conditions or if the motorcycle is being used off road, or for race or track riding. If you want to make a claim the Police must be contacted within 24 hours of the accident.

We cannot provide cover, if the policyholder is over 80, or if your occupation is in the motor trade, courier or messaging service.

*Subject to terms and conditions. For further information please click on the policy wording.